Holiness to the Lord
Teachings on Holiness on audio media

The Christian Foundation (fourth week of the month)
Teachings on Christian foundation

The Spiritual life (fourth week of the month)
Advance teaching on Christian living

Special activities:
(a) Christian naming (quarterly)
(b) Message for Christian wake-keepings
(c) Marriage blessing (Saturday evenings): Available for those that have through the Christian foundation classes. -completed a self-study program on Christian marriage. -Three days of consecration /sanctification (prayer and fasting) Thursday, Friday & Saturday
(d) Water baptism. (monthly)

Hour of worship. (praise, worship and thanksgiving). The Ministry of Jesus
A program testifying to the truth in the Word of God that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. His life and his priesthood is unchangeable. .

Event Date / Time:Fourth week of the months  

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